Fenton Township Seeks Community Input for the Master Plan Update

Fenton Township is embarking on a new Master Plan, and community input is pivotal to the success of this multi-month process. To hear your insight on the Township's strengths and areas for improvement, a survey has been posted on the project website:


Please visit the link and tell us what you think! The survey will be open until end of day October 1st. Your responses are greatly appreciated.

The Master Plan is comprehensive in scope and will research major topics such as demographics and housing, land use, natural features, community facilities and services, open space, transportation, and economic development. In addition to formal analysis, a Master Plan hinges on its residents' vision for the Township's future. The plan uses community feedback to craft goals and objectives and to outline action strategies that guide the Township growth and development in accordance with its values.

Community engagement sessions are coming to Fenton Township this fall, so please stay tuned! For any questions or concerns about the survey, or the master planning process, please contact Michelle Bennett of Beckett & Raeder at 734-239-6614 or mbennett@bria2.com.